Master Reservation List

Applications are open! 

Expected Availability Summer – Fall 2022

Exciting news!!  We have moved from a litter-based reservation list to a master reservation list (does not apply to reservation lists with names currently).

What does this mean?  As always, if you would like to reserve a Mountain Home Doodle puppy, you will submit a puppy application.  

Once approved, we will email you a mini contract with basic details to e-sign and an invoice for your $500 puppy deposit.  

Once both of these are received, you will be placed on our Master Reservation list…anytime that we have an opening for a puppy, whether it is due to a mama having more puppies than expected, a family needing to bump to a new litter,  a new litter of puppies, etc.  we will go to our Master Reservation list and starting at the top, email each family in the order that you are on the list (for new litters, we will start notifying families when pups are one week old). 

 You will have 24 hours to confirm if you would like to accept the opening…if you accept, we will email you a final contract and once signed your reservation will be official.  If you do not accept (timing is not right, you prefer a different size puppy, etc) you remain in your current spot, you do not bump to the bottom of the list, and we will contact you the next opening. 

This does NOT change how we allocate puppies…once on a specific litter, we will still temperament test our puppies
and place them with families based on that information. 

Our hope is that this will make it easier for families when plans change and therefore also open spots sooner for you to get your puppy! 







If you have a current approved application with us, nothing has changed, your name is just not listed on our website any longer 🙂


If you are looking at submitting an application for one of our puppies…

We currently have “11” active families on our waitlist and anticipate availability Summer/Fall 2022












Our pups are raised in the middle of our home and it is a 24/7 labor of love.  To allow us time to focus not only on puppies but also on our family, we have established business hours of M-F from 9:00am-5:00 pm PST to reply to emails. We will not be available to respond to emails on Saturday or Sunday, unless it is emergent.  Thank you for understanding.  Have a great day…from our family to yours!!

Applications are open, projected Summer – Fall 2022 availability

Master Reservation List